The Maw: what’s new in PC gaming this week?

Happy week, everyone! I’m not going to lie, it’s dry. Drier than a nap soaked in silica gel packets, dustier than death’s door. There are precious few new PC games, but I’ve wrapped my head in wet blankets, braved the desert, and come back with a small handful of dreams.

Monday July 1st is pitch black and creepy lo-fi, watch out for the Vorago space station. Tuesday July 2nd is a time of lots of free-to-play games, courtesy of The First Descendant – and lots of pay-to-play mmorpging, courtesy of Final Fantasy 14’s Dawntrail expansion. On Wednesday, July 3rd, there’s… Connect -4, but inside a computer? Thursday 4th July therrrrrrrrre isssssss… a game literally called Multiplayer RPG? This is like naming your dog “Dog”. And on Friday July 5th, a relatively electrifying shmup called Void Reaper.

You might not get to play that last one, because chances are high that the Maw, our resident dark god of video game news, will have blossomed into rage and swallowed the world by Thursday. Please: if you spy any new PC games worth of titles anywhere, perhaps sheltering from the summer torture of, sing along in the comments. Please. The Maw’s shadows are growing clearer and sharper, lengthening as the silence. Our generators suffer, struggling to fill the stillness. It may already be too late.

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