This Week’s Space Podcast: Episode 117 – A House on the Moon

In episode 117 of This Week In Space, Rod Pyle and guest co-host Isaac Arthur chat with ICON Build’s Evan Jensen about 3D printing habitats on the Moon and one day on Mars.

For decades we’ve seen images of huge glass domes on the Moon and Mars, but the reality of building settlements outside of Earth is likely to look very different. This week we’re joined by Evan Jensen from ICON Build, a company that in just a few years has been creating homes in Texas through 3D printing. Now, in collaboration with NASA, they are also investing heavily in research into how to 3D print habitats on the Moon and one day on Mars.

It is not easy to work in a vacuum – water freezes and evaporates immediately, and any other material you need must be transported there. ICON has some unique processes that they are testing in their large vacuum chambers and the results are truly fascinating. Join us to see the future of living in other worlds!

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