I can’t believe it’s not carbon, a great integration and a subtle rebranding of the Shand: Five Cool Things from the Bespoke Handmade Bike Show 2024

The 2024 edition of the Bespoke Handmade Bike Show returned to the UK this year after going on holiday to Dresden in 2023, appearing at the iconic Victoria Baths in Manchester. Fortunately, the pools were not filled (believe it or not, it has been several times in the last 20 years for very special events) as many of the custom steel beauties on show could have really rusted…

Victoria 2024 bathroom ordered

We’ve picked five of our highlights below, and right at the deep end of the article you’ll find a bonus gallery of some bikes, kits and other curiosities.

The Reap Vekta 019 is a British made carbon speed machine

Korr Vekta 019 4

Reap falls short when trying to describe the difference between high-performance Formula 1-inspired carbon road bikes and “generic” tri bikes and bikes from other brands. On the front page of Reap’s website, the brand says: “Something went wrong with carbon bikes over the last decade.

“Most of the world’s ‘high-end’ carbon fiber bikes are made in just four factories in Asia. How can brands claim to have revolutionary technology in their bike when it’s made by the same people, in the same factory, in in the same way as maybe five other brands of bikes, generic manufacturing techniques create generic bikes?

Custom Reap carbon weave 2024

If the answer is no and you have some cash to spend, Reap claims its Vekta 019 will get the job done and then get you to the finish line faster, more sustainably than most manufacturers of carbon bikes.

The frame uses natural fibers and bioresins which offer “phenomenal damping properties”, which also takes the bicycle industry “one step closer to a sustainable future”, claims Reap.

Reap admits the finish of this prototype isn’t perfect, but the aim is to “demonstrate what a British carbon manufacturer can do”.


This custom Condor showcases the Columbus Trittico intelligent integration system

Condor Custom bike with columbus 1 headset

Condor was showing multiple bikes at Bespoked, but it was this custom collaboration with Columbus that caught our eye the most.

Using the Columbus Trittico carbon fiber cockpit, the system allows for full cable routing integrated with custom bike builds; even if the frame doesn’t strictly support full internal cable routing, according to people we spoke to at Condor.

Condor Custom bike with columbus 2 headset

Columbus promises improved ergonomics from the handlebars thanks to a crescent-shaped cutout below the brake levers, and micro-tuning is possible with the stem to give positions of -5°, 0 or +5mm.

To show it off, this custom-painted bike features Columbus paint and top-notch components provided by Shimano and Chris King.


Leuven’s custom creations are made from repurposed women’s city bikes

Custom bikes Leuven 2024 7

The enthusiastic employee at this stand was keen to show us the benefits of transforming old beaters into functional fixed gear and even grass road bikes.

Custom bikes Leuven 2024 5

We’re told that the bike above, originally a small urban women’s bike, has a unique and very lively ride quality that beats any modern carbon or steel frame for fast city riding. Those are some big claims and we can’t be sure, but whatever floats your boat…

Twmpa’s high-end colored road bike is for wooden bike lovers after something a little more subtle

Ordered 2024 Twmpa Cycles 3

Twmpa Cycles has featured its high-end wooden bikes on Bespoked for several years, and now it’s decided to add some color to its AR1.1 all-road bike. And what a beautiful paint it is.

Ordered 2024 Twmpa Cycles 4

You might be thinking: surely anyone looking to invest in a custom wooden bike would want natural colors so everyone knows what a rare beast they’re riding? Apparently not, according to Twmpa, who told us that some customers simply want a wooden frame for its superior ride quality and would rather not attract all the attention on their quiet country rides.

The Twmpa AR1.1 starts at £3,490 for the frameset.


Shand is now ‘born in Scotland’, not ‘made in Scotland’

Bespoked 2024 Born in Scotland

This isn’t exactly a ‘cool’ thing, more of a public service announcement on behalf of custom steel bike brand Shand: but anyway, Shand bike frames and various custom parts are now said to be made in Coventry and Wednesbury in the West Midlands. instead of Scotland.

This follows the announcement that the brand is now part of mountain bike components manufacturer Rideworks, which bought Shand from Liberty House recently. Reaction has been mixed on Shand’s social media, but TL/DR, the brand is alive and well and now based in Coventry.

Ordered 2024 Shand Stooshie 2024

Some of the bikes on display included the Stoater flat grass hybrid, the Rizello road bike and the Stooshie gravel bike.


Check out more of our highlights in the gallery below…

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